Writer Lao (writer_lao) wrote in marchwarden,
Writer Lao

*shameless self pimp*

Hi, everyone. I am currently being tortured by a very sick woman who thinks that my paltry fanfic is worth reading, which is how I came to find this community. ^_~

For me, the elf fetish was late in coming. First, I started small. A little bit of Legoslut here and there.

The someone dragged me to see TTT. Then I felt like a horrible person (granted a horrible person who was mighty turned on by that *other* elf that no one had warned me about) for not reading the books.

So I read the books. And Lo, the Hottie Lives!

Then the bunnies began to chomp and I fought them unsuccessfully. And alas, with the encouragement of the aforementioned sick woman, I did begin to write again. You can find it at the writer_lao journal. Read if you would like. Part two is the most recently posted. Please be sure to read the disclaimer since I am not a Tolkien scholar.

Oh, and before I forget, I also joined this community under my Usual Journal, thegrimtuesday. Just posting from the writer logon since I am pimping my writing.

Nice to meet you all!
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